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Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's been a while

I'm still alive and kicking. Is anyone still reading? I seriously don't know how you folks (especially those of you with more than one baby) have the time to blog. BB has started screeching to get in my lap every time I sit down at the computer. She wants to pound the keyboard and a toy keyboard just won't do!

My surgery went well. It wasn't as invasive as we thought and basically the doctor just had to move a tendon in my wrist. Thankfully I didn't have to wear a cast for 4 weeks. Just a bandage for about a week. The surgery was pretty much a breeze. The recovery, minus the stomach bug I caught the day after surgery, was easy. I thought I was going to die. I was miserable for 4-5 days and none of it was surgery related. I'm just glad that it's over.

The kids are great. Halloween was fun. BB was a witch and AB was a ninja. BB was sooo cute walking around that night. And yes...she is walking. She started on October 12. She crawled and walked for a few days, but then she just stopped crawling. Now she's running! I was beginning to wonder if she would ever walk! =) Now if we can get her talking. She can follow directions and knows lots of things. She says a handful of words and she knows several signs. She is absolutely a doll and still the best, most laid back baby I know. It is so fun to watch her walk and explore. She can actually walk to the car now! I don't want to rush the baby stage, but it's so much easier now that she's walking. AB is doing great! We love his new school. The 4th and 5th grade classes had an overnight field trip and went to an outdoor school. They had a blast! Ropes courses and repelling and all kinds of team building exercises. He absolutely loved it!

I'm in school again and am staying pretty busy with classes on top of everything else.

The transmission in one of our cars died. Long story short, we have to get a new car. Of course, it was almost paid for. We bought it used and it's been a great car! But it will cost thousands of dollars to fix it. We actually sold the car today and are trying to find another one. It should be fun trying to share one car.

My mother and I went to see the movie "F.or Color.ed Girls". It was amazing. I love Tyler Perry and all of his movies. This was by far the most intense, soul crushing movie that I've ever seen. I think that everyone needs to see this movie. I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I won't say more!!

BB went to sleep about 30 minutes ago so I'm trying to get lots done before I go to bed. She is still not sleeping through the night. She is up every 3 - 4 hours. The most she has ever slept is 6 hours...and she's only done that twice. She is only taking one nap a day too. She's ready for a nap about 3 hours after she wakes up but I'm trying to push her out and have her (hopefully) take one long afternoon nap. Then (hopefully) she will go to bed earlier. We'll see. She is still not eating well. Zzzzzzzz....

Talk to you soon!