My, how she's grown!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Life in photos...sort of..

Boulder, CO

AB LOVED the snow

BB tolerated the snow

Washable marker, thankfully

Lots of love between these two

Lots of playing outside in the gorgeous weather!

Hanging out with this cute boy! His gotcha day was February 22. He's been with us for 19 months already!  My how times flies! We celebrated by going to dinner and a movie.

BB is 18 months old, 22 pounds, 32 inches, talking when she feels like it which isn't too often..sigh....
But guess what she is doing? Sleeping through the night! The last 3 weeks have been amazing. Finally, after 17 months, she started sleeping!! She is so much fun. I can't believe that she is 18 months old!!

She also started gymnastics. Her class is called the Waddlers class. So incredibly cute! She screeched most of her first class, but did great today at her second class.

We went to the Kite festival last weekend. We are losers at flying kites...we couldn't get it off the ground!

This was her 3rd time down the same slide. She looks terrified but was laughing when she got to the bottom!

Their first date! And he's driving! We also celebrated this cutie's 3rd birthday last weekend. Again, where does the time go?

School starts back for me tomorrow. It's gonna be crazy around here, that's for sure!

I am joining my husband in San Francisco week after next. He is going for work and I am going to sightsee alone. Sounds glorious!  My mom is coming to visit and I will leave BB for the first time. Just for 2 nights but I'm already anxious about how I will handle it. I'm sure BB won't even miss me! 


Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE the terrified picture :)

Oh good luck with leaving BB - you are blessed to have a mom who will do that for you!

iamstacey said...

You have such a beautiful family! I love the marker pic, it just cracked me up! :)

Kahla said...

That slide picture is hilarious!!!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

love all the pics, and love a blog update :)

bencu said...

The kids are so dang cute! I can't believe how big BB has gotten. The slide picture is priceless!